I am born in 1984, received BSc (2009) and MSc (2009) degrees in Computer Engineering from the Opole University of Technology in Poland, where i am currently writing PhD.
List of articles:
  • Gardecki A., Podpora M., Beniak R., Klin B., Pochwala S.: User Experience Sensor for Man–Machine Interaction Modeled as an Analogy to the Tower of Hanoi, Sensors, MDPI, Vol.20, Issue 15, No 4074, ISSN 1424-8220, doi:10.3390/s20154074,
  • GARDECKI A., PODPORA M., BENIAK R., KLIN B.: The Pepper humanoid robot in front desk application, Progress In Applied Electrical Engineering (PAEE) 2018, IEEE Xplore, 2018
  • PODPORA M., GARDECKI A., BENIAK R., KLIN B., LOPEZ VICARIO J., KAWALA-STERNIUK A.: Human Interaction Smart Subsystem—Extending Speech-Based Human-Robot Interaction Systems with an Implementation of External Smart Sensors
My main research interests include artificial intelligence in robotics, machine vision, cognitive systems, robotic systems, smart infrastructure, embedded systems, IoT, media processing and telecommunications.